Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Crimson Day

playing with a texture brush a bit. Not sure how far i'll take this either..I was inspired by some words to make this " Endure Another Crimson Day " :3

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saeko Busujima - W.I.P -

fanart of Saeko Busujima, not sure how far ill take this haha

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Judge Magister Gabranth

for fun, felt like arting something like this for awhile now

Edited: Reloaded, fixed color and some small things, hehe im so picky~

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Work In Progress - Hardcore Evy

the composition is what I was looking for, dynamic!
The end result will be way diffrent then what you see now heh, small teaser~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mabinogi Heroes : Fiona

Mabinogi Heroes: Fiona

Sword: Nibelungen Path
Armor: Morrighan Pledge Plate Armor
armor exclusive for Fiona who has choosen the path of a Paladin. Korea community wanted more art from me so, Here is the next one :3 I'll write a description soon.
Next up Lethia in Dark knight Armor!

Evy Reloaded

Evy Reloaded: Just added a depth of feel to enchance the pose and lighting somewhat

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preview 2

more refined and a totaly refined version of what I was working on Before. Just a small preview of the unfinished work

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Designing - w-;;

Fiona~ she is my next armor design..I am not sure yet, I might change the overall thing and redue it. I am motivated to art again~ I am so excited that my Evy image is getting positive comments in Korea. I hope to please them more with better art~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mabinogi Heroes: Evy

마비노기 영웅전

Evy from Mabinogi Heroes a.k.a Vindictus
with custom armor design and scythe.

Armor Set Name: Imperial Order
Scythe: Upheavel

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ace Of Hearts

If I was a Starcraft II marine this would be my decal :3

Monday, July 26, 2010

W.I.P / Preview

forgot 2 upload it into my blogspot gg.
somework im working on

Monday, May 3, 2010

May = Medieval Month

Gonna disappear this month to do some artings :)
Well return back at the end of may with many many new things!
see you soon~


Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper Plane

The concept of this simple. The guy is a thinker, he best expresses himself through imagination and dreams on paper. He throws the folded plane and it drifts to the one its meant for. Changing into a white bird which is the symbol of hope, hope that one day there paths would cross together once more. The white birds lands on the one finger tip of the girl.
She gazes upon the bird with a small and gentle smile.

The color choices of the there clothes expresses the combination of two common colors which always compliment each other.
The male wears black, a color representing being reserved and suppressed. The female wearing white also known to represent paths and openings, a guide; a guide to the suppressed.
This is why those colors are a strong theme to this picture.

Author Notes: Another gift for a friend she was depressed one day so I decided to cheer her up.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Rhythm Of My Heart

Painting for a friend of mine, She loves Piano. The quote was made by her and I. I took out some other things in the image only met for her :3


© ANH 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACfA: May Greenfield

We all have our vision of our favorite pilots. And May Greenfield is my favorite pilot in AC4A. This is what I imagine her too look like.

Her design I based it off Military design but maintaining a very cute and sexy look. I might make more when I have time! but i am so busy!! I hope you Like it! cheers LYNX PILOTS! ^-^/

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Type: 063AN
Company: BFF [ Bernard & Felix Foundation ]
Lynx: Ethsperion
NEXT: Pinnacle
Head: 063AN02
Core: 063AN01
Arms: 063AN03
Legs: 063AN04
R Weapon: 063ANAR
L Weapon: 050ANSR
R Back Weapon: 050ANSC
L Back Weapon: KAMAL
Extension: 051ANAM
Description: A Lynx who formally worked with BFF he was known as the Treasured Prince of BFF and also support pilot of Lilium Wolcott. He soon switched sides and joined LineArk because he believed that there was a solution to the Cradle System. He believed LineArks dreams and goals would resolve this because they knew that the cradles wouldn't last forever and would come down eventually killing everyone. He thinks humanity should live on earth and not in a temporary fix that The League has created. He Pilots a full BFF frame and is equiped with sniper weapons for long range support but backs up with a strong mid range combat.

Author Notes: I was in a mecha phase this week lol, i really haven't illustrated much mecha and I love the design of the 063AN. I'm surprized it somewhat relates to my name ANH. Hahaha and its my favourite design also! must be destiny! Yea pretty much a fan art of my craft without stabilizers got lazy lol!
anyways hope all you mecha fans like it. Prolly will do more sometime hehe.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ethrion Full Revthern

This is a more realistic view of Ethrion and a new style ill be exploring and growing upon. After being in an art block and doing many scenery illustrations; I wanted to try my hand at an OC remake and I choose Ethrion to be the subject Matter.

the original Ethrion illustration Ethrion Older Work is here.
I made him wield both his "Revthren" handguns in this picture instead of his small pistols.

I was very loose on this picture and didnt go to every extent to "perfect" everything, many teachers told me to be loose with my artwork. And well they were right! I love the result and it has changed my digital painting skills significantly. I know it may not be close to as realistic as I wanted it to be. But im working towards that! I hope too one day reach that level.

Anyways Enjoy~

The Realistic Ethrion ^_^/

Monday, March 8, 2010

Replay The Day

"Hey isn't this great! I really recorded it well"

"awww that was such a funny moment i'm glad you caught it!"

"haha I know! arn't I pro hahaha"

"bleh, your so silly!"

These two watch there recordings of there day together. As beauty in the night sky hover over these two; there moments that they share together are there center of attention and better then any beauty. There laughter fills the silence.

Authors Notes: I was inspired by a picture my friend sent me to adjust the pixels of a glowing cross. The color and impact was really nice, and i wanted to emulate some sort of beauty of that caliber but more in-depth and out of reach. This is also my 1st! painting using my new INTOUS4 wacom tablet! haha feels good to get the artistic flow out again.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cloud Of Eden

This is quiet old maybe last year october but I love its design! (kind of going through all my artwork and posting it up haha)
I was inspired by ArmsForts in Armored core for answer. So I couldnt help myself and make one up!

A World Only For Two

" You okay? "
" of course..."
" You think this is a dream? "
" If this was a dream our feelings for each other would be a dream."
" I guess not then " -smile-

These two witness the beauty of a sky and landscape that defys all reality. its a beautiful sight; but not as beautiful as there growing love for each other.

This is there story, and this is there world.

Author Notes: Made this for someone at the morning of V-Day and gave it to her later that day. keke she was happy ^_^ glad she liked it.

I Feel Like Its Finally Over

"What a's as if staring into this beauty...I feel like it's finally over."

A soldier gets out of his stationed unit to witness the morning glow. It won't be over for a long this will be his last sight of natural beauty.

Inspired by Makoto Shinkai.

Unearthly Visitor

" We looked upon a sight never to be seen only in a dream...But this is our reality. "

a young male and female enjoy the sight of the unknown visitor. whats its purpose? why is it here? let those two decide...

Authors Notes: I honestly never knew this picture would turn into this. At 1st it started as a sky with like crazy airships with lasers going everywhere. Then I had a city below on mountains..then it went into this all of a sudden o.o! im not sure how it just did, but I liked the concept of it!Well my friend she kept calling it a pokemon and we decided to name it a "Choryn" (its her name mixed up with her last name lol) anyways we named it two names actuly "Choryn" being male specices and "Cheoryn" being the female specices.
I imagine this creature to be from outside of the galaxy visiting earth then leaving once its done drifting within our living space to once again dift through space once more to find another plant to view. I really see this being a gentle creature and not a godzilla type thing haha.

Anyways hope you like! (forgot to mention this file got corrupted half way through while saving so I had to backtrack...Q.Q ahhwell alot of extra details are missing...)

The White Dove

Working on perspective and illustrating a situation or story in it.

"This is squadren Alpha-1...we lost half of our men...Only four of us remain...But we were saved"

"Whos the pilot?"

"That Machine is piloted by a women named Kyriasia Cheari. Shes the elite sniper on the force.."

"Saved by a white dove..."

"funny thing...she calls it The White Dove"

White Lit Dream

-The Dream-

This women is someone ive had recurring dreams with...for about 4 years now. Ive seen her in my other dreams before within crowds and at the corner of my eye for a split second and If I look back she disappears.

But there is one dream that stands out the most and this is the dream I actuly interact with her. This dream has happened more then once within the 4 years that have passed and I can't even count the ammount of times it has happend and its always be..exactly the same dream.

The dream begins with me falling surrounded by a limitless sky. There is no place to land all I see is the clouds the purple orange toned skies and the boarder between space and the sky and light that is so unreal to the human eye. I dont feel afraid at all and feel more relaxed and awe by the visuals around me.

Finally within my view I can see this giant creature. A whale thats pure white and well this is no ordinary whale, i mean its something out of Final Fantasy (Sin is what my friends call what I see haha) Its so HUGE (big enough?) its pure white, has a set of 8 fins that are actuly feather wings and on the back of this whale there is a ancient & modern like city ontop of it that is aswell pure white.

I land right infront of the city entrance with no physical damage...although I land on my chest first (yay for no physics). I get up and enter this city in pure awe of the architecture and size. I walk around this emtpy city...although the homes I've visited seem to have had people but has been untouched for years..and the only light In these structures is the light streaming out of the windows. I soon pass a park with white trees and white flowers I shortly reach the center street of the city. (mind you most of the dream im exploreing this place and just sitting on city steps and enjoying the view)

now this is where everything starts to begin

At this point ahead of me I can see a center square and a fountain just up ahead. But within my view I see another figure, a Girl in a white dress with very long black hair.
As soon as I see her I am filled with emotion and felt like i've known this girl for years. My heart races and I call out her name. But when I call her name there is a distortion, there is no words just a sound. Similar to TV static and being underwater and talking. Sounds something like that. But anything else I say is in perfect pitch. At this point I start running towards her calling her name and saying "I've been looking for you!" "Why are you here?!" "I miss you so much!" I feel held back when im running and while im trying to reach her location everything starts to dim down and the street lights turn on. The sky changes one side being purple and gold tones and in the middle of the sky a streaming light dividing the sky in half with the other side a morning lit sky with stars shooting passed by. Its just so unreal and beautiful...

I finally reach her and automaticly put my arms around her hugging her gently as I can. She has the certain aura a glow she really stands out. Shes radiating with an aura thats too beautiful to describe. I start to breakdown into tears.
I say to her

"I miss you so much..i've been looking for you for so long...I knew I'd find you...even if it would take me forever...I'd find you."

She gently places her soft hands on my arms and I feel a tear drop on my arm. and she says this with the most gentle voice

"I knew I never had to find you, because I know how much you love me that you would find me."

I respond with:

"Of mean so much to me. I would do anything to be here with you.."

At this point she turns around...but everything starts to slow down and the city around me starts to break down into orbs of light streaming behind me and her. And well not only that I feel like Im losing myself aswell my strength my energy, my life. From what I was seeing I was also breaking down into light slowly, disappearing into light. She fully turns around with her eyes closed she opens them and looks at me straight in the eyes. Her eyes colored in blue and teal and almost glowing..i felt more in awe with her. She then turns her emotionless face into a small smile and she starts to tear up.

I smile back and I tell her:

"I love you..."

her mouth moves slowly and she says:

"But, I've never loved you..."

I breakdown into pure light everything starts to stream passed me then things turn pure white..I am filled with so much emotion I break down in tears...I then soon wake up from my dream weak and in tears and thats How it all ends.

Whoa I bet you guys are prolly bored...forgive me...this is the best way to describe how important this picture is to me. I really hope enjoy the picture and the story that goes with this beautiful girl. What you see is what I see...and I leave your imgination to the rest.

Thank you.

Ethrion -Revthern-


Very skilled within the group He is apart of V.A.S working along side Kirin. there main rolls are enforcers and special assualt operations. Ethrion has a mysterious past And he tends to keep a low profile.
Kirin bugs him all the time, but he seems just to open up with her the most.
Hes unique weapon is the "Revthern Handguns" which are mounted behind his back. He doesn't use them unless the situation is called forth and uses his small handguns first. No one has seen him use hes back handguns yet and remains as an unknown style of fighting.

Carmina Kastilio -Kimiasiano-

Carmina Kastilio

She is also apart of V.A.S and is one of the Elitest. Shes leader of Squadren "Valhalium". She has a very intresting personality and usually doesnt seem to take thing seriously. But she is a true leader of the squadren and her skills are not something to take lightly. Shes very playful and always trys to keep everyone happy with her "sexual dances".
Her weapon names is "Kimiasiano" its actuly the two weapon names seperately one named "kimia" and the other "Siano" The weapon is actuly a Beam Blade Rifle Fan. And it can be used as both close range and far range combat. The metal plates between each barrel stablizes the fans blade shape aswell acts as a particle rejection. Which makes this weapon able to deflect laser type weapons. She is a true master of close combat and no one should ever underestimate her.

Omenic Lamhies -Tringaris-

Omenic Lamhies

He is another Elitest of V.A.S and is the leader of Squadren "Zaxther". He is consider the paladin of the field and many of his subordinates nick name him the "Snipeurai" because not only is he a skilled sniper he is aswell a master of swords play. When everything is calm and at ease; Hes is the loud mouth, sensative, crazy fello of the group. Always cheerful and always a humorous character. Yet On the battle field all that changes and becomes the silent devastation many fear him for.
A true master of strategy hes never underestimating anything because he cares about everyones lives when they are on the line.
Hes main weapon setup consist of various weapons. A long range Rail cannon Sniper rifle mounted on his left shoulder. Hes other shoulder carries 3 katanas which are coated with anti-beam coating. While the katanas are mounted they're charged by particles which make the blades extremely hot for a period of time and need to be mounted again to continue the effect. on his thighs he has dual mounted beam shotguns.
Omenic is very strong and is only one capable using the "Tringaris" which is the armor that mounted from hes back, resting on his shoulders, buckled at the waist and somewhat wraped around his neck. Omenic uses this to enhance his already powerful nature and make him a destructive force it has many other gimics but he has never had to use them yet. This is why he is consider an Elitest if V.A.S.

Cephina Chea Ri -Korsenia-

Cephina Chea Ri

works under Carmina's squadren. She is one of the most caring within the squadren and often hangs out with Kirin. Her speciality is cooking, but most of all making the best Kimchi within V.A.S. Shes very cheerful and kind hearted person. Shes always worried about everyone and trys to protect everyone. Since V.A.S saved her and her family when she was little. Cephina wanted to join V.A.S and return the favour for there efforts aswell as become a strong individual. Her style of fighting is "Tae Kwon Do" her father was her sensei before he passed away due to natural cause of death. She is now trying her best to pick up what her father left her and become as strong as her father was.

Cephina uses Tae Kwon Do to enhance her special weapon "Korsenia" which are a pair of Parry Blade boots/Laser Blade Boots. Her weapon is surprizingly light but her vicious kicks are not something to take lightly. The boots are equiped with laser blade function at the toes, aswell as the heels. Which gives her much more range. Besides just having enhanced kicking ability. The special feature on this weapon is the Heel. The heel functions something similar to a nail gun. Each boot has 2 Spears. They are powered by the same energy used for the laser blades. She impales an opponent with a high powered force. Thus she makes pericing armor no problem.
At the end of each spear is a blade barrel she can release blade particles within her target to cause vital damage. It can also release reactive paticles which exploded after a certain ammount of time.
Since shes a melee fighter she has no range weapons so shes equiped with a pair of arm gaurds which generate shields/barriers to deflect ranged attacks aswell as physical.

Bredrium Viera -Grovidaes-

Bredrium Viera

A very active member within V.A.S. He loves to be apart of just about anything. Although he may be the biggest and tallest within V.A.S. He also has the biggest of hearts. He sorta of a sports jock; Always trying to round up everyone and enjoy abit of active activites. Its his way of keeping moral up. also the most intresting thing about Bredrium is that hes quite the Otaku. he keeps it too himself although alot of the team knows hes a big nerd as well. He works with Ethrion squadron and often talks to him. He does smoke, but he personally hates it so his trying real hard to quit.

Known as the TANK on the field. He can endure just about anything. Hes main focus in combat is his hands. Hes trains with Muay Thai under his belt which makes him a vicious opponent. His main weapon is giant mechnical fists named "Grovidaes"
are true weapon of devastation. Each finger is equiped with a Laser Minigun and under each nail there is a laser blade. The weapon itself cannot support the ammount of energy it consumes so its attached to a pack which converts energy into explosive power which is then transfered to the belt cords to the fist. The backpack is also a provider to the special ability these fists have. He also has the good old fashion Rocket Punch being able to reach far targets. It's controled by his mind so he can perform the most versatile attacks. The fists are also wired so his able to retract them.

Shuria Esina -Heimderreth-

Shuria Esina

also know as "Sheepie" due to the fact she wears these sheep eared hair clips. To her there are her most important hair clips; given to her by someone she really loved. She never explained why she wore them all the time. So it just leaves people wondering, but she always says they are her most precious hair clips.

Shuria is a very hyper and mischievous girl, But she has this somewhat innocent nature to cover her true nature. When she gets mad..well she gets really mad. No one dares to upset her because they know she is also one of the most vicious of fighters. She works under Squadron
"Zaxther" and works as support for Omenic. her side roll is also as a medic.

Her weapon known as "Heimderreth" is a Energy Bazooka Hammer. Not only does it cause huge amount of physical harm it can destroy from a distance. The head of the hammer folds into a bazooka and the poll retracts to become a shoulder mounted Bazooka for Artillery fire. It also has Mortar function; aswell as a extremely powerful focused shot. She can still fire the weapon without have to switch it to Bazooka mode and deal much more damaging hits on contact.

Silentium - EsiTwo, EsiOne-

I've been a big fan of armored core and its what got me into mecha design. I always love to thrown in the cool back story about everything haha.

Lynx: Amour
Next: Silentium
Collared Rank: 0

- NEXT -
OMER: Science Technology
Class: Mid-Weight Bi-ped

Description: A female Lynx pilot believed to have died during battle. She has appeared recently In a New NEXT and has been the most vicious of LYNX pilots. She was the former Rank.1 LYNX before Otsdarva took the stand. Otsdarva and Amour appeared to have had been allies at one time.

OMER: Science Technology
Class: Mid-Weight Bi-ped

Mid-weight counter part of "Lahire" Model. The design was made personally for the former rank 1 pilot "Amour". But was never completed when she disappeared, so the project was at a hault.

This would have been the Final Version of the Silentium. The 1st image above is named Esitwo; This model is named Esione


Testin 1 , 2 , 3