Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bredrium Viera -Grovidaes-

Bredrium Viera

A very active member within V.A.S. He loves to be apart of just about anything. Although he may be the biggest and tallest within V.A.S. He also has the biggest of hearts. He sorta of a sports jock; Always trying to round up everyone and enjoy abit of active activites. Its his way of keeping moral up. also the most intresting thing about Bredrium is that hes quite the Otaku. he keeps it too himself although alot of the team knows hes a big nerd as well. He works with Ethrion squadron and often talks to him. He does smoke, but he personally hates it so his trying real hard to quit.

Known as the TANK on the field. He can endure just about anything. Hes main focus in combat is his hands. Hes trains with Muay Thai under his belt which makes him a vicious opponent. His main weapon is giant mechnical fists named "Grovidaes"
are true weapon of devastation. Each finger is equiped with a Laser Minigun and under each nail there is a laser blade. The weapon itself cannot support the ammount of energy it consumes so its attached to a pack which converts energy into explosive power which is then transfered to the belt cords to the fist. The backpack is also a provider to the special ability these fists have. He also has the good old fashion Rocket Punch being able to reach far targets. It's controled by his mind so he can perform the most versatile attacks. The fists are also wired so his able to retract them.

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