Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cephina Chea Ri -Korsenia-

Cephina Chea Ri

works under Carmina's squadren. She is one of the most caring within the squadren and often hangs out with Kirin. Her speciality is cooking, but most of all making the best Kimchi within V.A.S. Shes very cheerful and kind hearted person. Shes always worried about everyone and trys to protect everyone. Since V.A.S saved her and her family when she was little. Cephina wanted to join V.A.S and return the favour for there efforts aswell as become a strong individual. Her style of fighting is "Tae Kwon Do" her father was her sensei before he passed away due to natural cause of death. She is now trying her best to pick up what her father left her and become as strong as her father was.

Cephina uses Tae Kwon Do to enhance her special weapon "Korsenia" which are a pair of Parry Blade boots/Laser Blade Boots. Her weapon is surprizingly light but her vicious kicks are not something to take lightly. The boots are equiped with laser blade function at the toes, aswell as the heels. Which gives her much more range. Besides just having enhanced kicking ability. The special feature on this weapon is the Heel. The heel functions something similar to a nail gun. Each boot has 2 Spears. They are powered by the same energy used for the laser blades. She impales an opponent with a high powered force. Thus she makes pericing armor no problem.
At the end of each spear is a blade barrel she can release blade particles within her target to cause vital damage. It can also release reactive paticles which exploded after a certain ammount of time.
Since shes a melee fighter she has no range weapons so shes equiped with a pair of arm gaurds which generate shields/barriers to deflect ranged attacks aswell as physical.

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