Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ethrion Full Revthern

This is a more realistic view of Ethrion and a new style ill be exploring and growing upon. After being in an art block and doing many scenery illustrations; I wanted to try my hand at an OC remake and I choose Ethrion to be the subject Matter.

the original Ethrion illustration Ethrion Older Work is here.
I made him wield both his "Revthren" handguns in this picture instead of his small pistols.

I was very loose on this picture and didnt go to every extent to "perfect" everything, many teachers told me to be loose with my artwork. And well they were right! I love the result and it has changed my digital painting skills significantly. I know it may not be close to as realistic as I wanted it to be. But im working towards that! I hope too one day reach that level.

Anyways Enjoy~

The Realistic Ethrion ^_^/

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