Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Omenic Lamhies -Tringaris-

Omenic Lamhies

He is another Elitest of V.A.S and is the leader of Squadren "Zaxther". He is consider the paladin of the field and many of his subordinates nick name him the "Snipeurai" because not only is he a skilled sniper he is aswell a master of swords play. When everything is calm and at ease; Hes is the loud mouth, sensative, crazy fello of the group. Always cheerful and always a humorous character. Yet On the battle field all that changes and becomes the silent devastation many fear him for.
A true master of strategy hes never underestimating anything because he cares about everyones lives when they are on the line.
Hes main weapon setup consist of various weapons. A long range Rail cannon Sniper rifle mounted on his left shoulder. Hes other shoulder carries 3 katanas which are coated with anti-beam coating. While the katanas are mounted they're charged by particles which make the blades extremely hot for a period of time and need to be mounted again to continue the effect. on his thighs he has dual mounted beam shotguns.
Omenic is very strong and is only one capable using the "Tringaris" which is the armor that mounted from hes back, resting on his shoulders, buckled at the waist and somewhat wraped around his neck. Omenic uses this to enhance his already powerful nature and make him a destructive force it has many other gimics but he has never had to use them yet. This is why he is consider an Elitest if V.A.S.

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