Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shuria Esina -Heimderreth-

Shuria Esina

also know as "Sheepie" due to the fact she wears these sheep eared hair clips. To her there are her most important hair clips; given to her by someone she really loved. She never explained why she wore them all the time. So it just leaves people wondering, but she always says they are her most precious hair clips.

Shuria is a very hyper and mischievous girl, But she has this somewhat innocent nature to cover her true nature. When she gets mad..well she gets really mad. No one dares to upset her because they know she is also one of the most vicious of fighters. She works under Squadron
"Zaxther" and works as support for Omenic. her side roll is also as a medic.

Her weapon known as "Heimderreth" is a Energy Bazooka Hammer. Not only does it cause huge amount of physical harm it can destroy from a distance. The head of the hammer folds into a bazooka and the poll retracts to become a shoulder mounted Bazooka for Artillery fire. It also has Mortar function; aswell as a extremely powerful focused shot. She can still fire the weapon without have to switch it to Bazooka mode and deal much more damaging hits on contact.

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