Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silentium - EsiTwo, EsiOne-

I've been a big fan of armored core and its what got me into mecha design. I always love to thrown in the cool back story about everything haha.

Lynx: Amour
Next: Silentium
Collared Rank: 0

- NEXT -
OMER: Science Technology
Class: Mid-Weight Bi-ped

Description: A female Lynx pilot believed to have died during battle. She has appeared recently In a New NEXT and has been the most vicious of LYNX pilots. She was the former Rank.1 LYNX before Otsdarva took the stand. Otsdarva and Amour appeared to have had been allies at one time.

OMER: Science Technology
Class: Mid-Weight Bi-ped

Mid-weight counter part of "Lahire" Model. The design was made personally for the former rank 1 pilot "Amour". But was never completed when she disappeared, so the project was at a hault.

This would have been the Final Version of the Silentium. The 1st image above is named Esitwo; This model is named Esione

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