Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Unearthly Visitor

" We looked upon a sight never to be seen only in a dream...But this is our reality. "

a young male and female enjoy the sight of the unknown visitor. whats its purpose? why is it here? let those two decide...

Authors Notes: I honestly never knew this picture would turn into this. At 1st it started as a sky with like crazy airships with lasers going everywhere. Then I had a city below on mountains..then it went into this all of a sudden o.o! im not sure how it just did, but I liked the concept of it!Well my friend she kept calling it a pokemon and we decided to name it a "Choryn" (its her name mixed up with her last name lol) anyways we named it two names actuly "Choryn" being male specices and "Cheoryn" being the female specices.
I imagine this creature to be from outside of the galaxy visiting earth then leaving once its done drifting within our living space to once again dift through space once more to find another plant to view. I really see this being a gentle creature and not a godzilla type thing haha.

Anyways hope you like! (forgot to mention this file got corrupted half way through while saving so I had to backtrack...Q.Q ahhwell alot of extra details are missing...)

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