Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Lit Dream

-The Dream-

This women is someone ive had recurring dreams with...for about 4 years now. Ive seen her in my other dreams before within crowds and at the corner of my eye for a split second and If I look back she disappears.

But there is one dream that stands out the most and this is the dream I actuly interact with her. This dream has happened more then once within the 4 years that have passed and I can't even count the ammount of times it has happend and its always be..exactly the same dream.

The dream begins with me falling surrounded by a limitless sky. There is no place to land all I see is the clouds the purple orange toned skies and the boarder between space and the sky and light that is so unreal to the human eye. I dont feel afraid at all and feel more relaxed and awe by the visuals around me.

Finally within my view I can see this giant creature. A whale thats pure white and well this is no ordinary whale, i mean its something out of Final Fantasy (Sin is what my friends call what I see haha) Its huge...like so HUGE (big enough?) its pure white, has a set of 8 fins that are actuly feather wings and on the back of this whale there is a ancient & modern like city ontop of it that is aswell pure white.

I land right infront of the city entrance with no physical damage...although I land on my chest first (yay for no physics). I get up and enter this city in pure awe of the architecture and size. I walk around this emtpy city...although the homes I've visited seem to have had people but has been untouched for years..and the only light In these structures is the light streaming out of the windows. I soon pass a park with white trees and white flowers I shortly reach the center street of the city. (mind you most of the dream im exploreing this place and just sitting on city steps and enjoying the view)

now this is where everything starts to begin

At this point ahead of me I can see a center square and a fountain just up ahead. But within my view I see another figure, a Girl in a white dress with very long black hair.
As soon as I see her I am filled with emotion and felt like i've known this girl for years. My heart races and I call out her name. But when I call her name there is a distortion, there is no words just a sound. Similar to TV static and being underwater and talking. Sounds something like that. But anything else I say is in perfect pitch. At this point I start running towards her calling her name and saying "I've been looking for you!" "Why are you here?!" "I miss you so much!" I feel held back when im running and while im trying to reach her location everything starts to dim down and the street lights turn on. The sky changes one side being sunset..orange purple and gold tones and in the middle of the sky a streaming light dividing the sky in half with the other side a morning lit sky with stars shooting passed by. Its just so unreal and beautiful...

I finally reach her and automaticly put my arms around her hugging her gently as I can. She has the certain aura a glow she really stands out. Shes radiating with an aura thats too beautiful to describe. I start to breakdown into tears.
I say to her

"I miss you so much..i've been looking for you for so long...I knew I'd find you...even if it would take me forever...I'd find you."

She gently places her soft hands on my arms and I feel a tear drop on my arm. and she says this with the most gentle voice

"I knew I never had to find you, because I know how much you love me that you would find me."

I respond with:

"Of course...you mean so much to me. I would do anything to be here with you.."

At this point she turns around...but everything starts to slow down and the city around me starts to break down into orbs of light streaming behind me and her. And well not only that I feel like Im losing myself aswell my strength my energy, my life. From what I was seeing I was also breaking down into light slowly, disappearing into light. She fully turns around with her eyes closed she opens them and looks at me straight in the eyes. Her eyes colored in blue and teal and almost glowing..i felt more in awe with her. She then turns her emotionless face into a small smile and she starts to tear up.

I smile back and I tell her:

"I love you..."

her mouth moves slowly and she says:

"But, I've never loved you..."

I breakdown into pure light everything starts to stream passed me then things turn pure white..I am filled with so much emotion I break down in tears...I then soon wake up from my dream weak and in tears and thats How it all ends.

Whoa I bet you guys are prolly bored...forgive me...this is the best way to describe how important this picture is to me. I really hope enjoy the picture and the story that goes with this beautiful girl. What you see is what I see...and I leave your imgination to the rest.

Thank you.

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