Saturday, April 10, 2010

Type: 063AN
Company: BFF [ Bernard & Felix Foundation ]
Lynx: Ethsperion
NEXT: Pinnacle
Head: 063AN02
Core: 063AN01
Arms: 063AN03
Legs: 063AN04
R Weapon: 063ANAR
L Weapon: 050ANSR
R Back Weapon: 050ANSC
L Back Weapon: KAMAL
Extension: 051ANAM
Description: A Lynx who formally worked with BFF he was known as the Treasured Prince of BFF and also support pilot of Lilium Wolcott. He soon switched sides and joined LineArk because he believed that there was a solution to the Cradle System. He believed LineArks dreams and goals would resolve this because they knew that the cradles wouldn't last forever and would come down eventually killing everyone. He thinks humanity should live on earth and not in a temporary fix that The League has created. He Pilots a full BFF frame and is equiped with sniper weapons for long range support but backs up with a strong mid range combat.

Author Notes: I was in a mecha phase this week lol, i really haven't illustrated much mecha and I love the design of the 063AN. I'm surprized it somewhat relates to my name ANH. Hahaha and its my favourite design also! must be destiny! Yea pretty much a fan art of my craft without stabilizers got lazy lol!
anyways hope all you mecha fans like it. Prolly will do more sometime hehe.

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