Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Carmina Kastilio -Kimiasiano-

Carmina Kastilio

She is also apart of V.A.S and is one of the Elitest. Shes leader of Squadren "Valhalium". She has a very intresting personality and usually doesnt seem to take thing seriously. But she is a true leader of the squadren and her skills are not something to take lightly. Shes very playful and always trys to keep everyone happy with her "sexual dances".
Her weapon names is "Kimiasiano" its actuly the two weapon names seperately one named "kimia" and the other "Siano" The weapon is actuly a Beam Blade Rifle Fan. And it can be used as both close range and far range combat. The metal plates between each barrel stablizes the fans blade shape aswell acts as a particle rejection. Which makes this weapon able to deflect laser type weapons. She is a true master of close combat and no one should ever underestimate her.

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