Monday, March 8, 2010

Replay The Day

"Hey isn't this great! I really recorded it well"

"awww that was such a funny moment i'm glad you caught it!"

"haha I know! arn't I pro hahaha"

"bleh, your so silly!"

These two watch there recordings of there day together. As beauty in the night sky hover over these two; there moments that they share together are there center of attention and better then any beauty. There laughter fills the silence.

Authors Notes: I was inspired by a picture my friend sent me to adjust the pixels of a glowing cross. The color and impact was really nice, and i wanted to emulate some sort of beauty of that caliber but more in-depth and out of reach. This is also my 1st! painting using my new INTOUS4 wacom tablet! haha feels good to get the artistic flow out again.

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